Turun Suunnistajat

Welcome to the homepage of the Turku Orienteers!

We are an all-orienteering sports club based in the historic city of Turku, Finland. As our name implies, we are an active organizer of orienteering events for people of all ages, levels of fitness and skill in the Turku area. Our community of members consists of all kinds of orienteers from beginners to world champions, and although our regular activities are mostly based in and around Turku, our members are spread wide. Orienteering is a global sport, and as such we have members from all over Finland, Europe, and even across the globe.

We organize popular weekly trainings for youth (see tus.fi/nuoret) and provide coaching for those who wish to compete in orienteering on a serious level (see tus.fi/valmennus/valmennusryhma). Additionally, we have a joint effort with two other local clubs (Hirvensalon Heitto and Maarian Mahti) to organize the highest-quality weekly open event in the area, Turku-Rastit (see the menu under Kuntosuunnistus). We are also experienced in organizing national and even international competitions, having organized the Jukola relay together with Paimion Rasti in 2015 and organizing the upcoming WMOC 2024 and Fin5 with Paimion Rasti, Liedon Parma and Mynämäen Suunnistajat. (Did we mention that we’ve also won the aforementioned relay three times?)

No matter the kind of orienteer you are, you’re welcome to join our activities! Feel free to contact us at tus@tus.fi if you’re unsure where to start. The contents of our homepage are not translated as we keep updating it often, so we suggest using a translation service (e.g. Google Translate) to explore the site.